Outpatient surgery

Convalescence in your home environment

Interiér kliniky - dospávací pokoj

Outpatient (one day) surgery is a method of organizing patient care which allows the patient to spend his post-operational convalescence time, after certain common operational procedures, in his home environment in the care of his loved ones. In contrast to the common practice of the patient lying in the hospital for several days, treated by an unknown staff, outpatient surgery significantly lowers the risk of hospital infections. Moreover, it is obviously a more pleasant and active recovery.

Operations performed

MUDr. Patrák - arthroskopie kolenního kloubu


  • operation of varicose veins using the CHIVA method
  • operation of inguinal and abdominal hernias (using classical methods and prosthetic mesh)
  • operation of female breast afflictions
  • operation of certain dermal and endodermic tumours and nodes
  • operation of „carpal tunnel syndrome“, other operations of ligaments and tendons, etc.

Orthopaedic and traumatologic

  • arthroscopic operation of knee, shoulder and ankle joints
  • reconstruction of transverse knee ligaments
  • reconstructive operation of certain breaks and dislocations
  • Achilles‘ Heel operations
  • operation of Tennis Elbow and bone growths
  • operation of hammertoe and certain cases of „hitchhiker’s thumb“.

Operating doctors

  • MUDr. Jiří Patrák – surgeon
  • MUDr. Petr Janata – surgeon
  • MUDr. Simona Parkánová – surgeon
  • MUDr. Alena Schmoranzová – plastic surgeon
  • MUDr. Jan Charvát – orthopaedic surgeon


  • MUDr. Roman Veselý
  • MUDr. Anton Baluch
  • MUDr. Alexandra Kracíková

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If you choose to take advantage of our clinic’s services, we will do our best to see that your treatment is carried out with the least amount of discomfort, without the burdens of fear or stress.

MUDr. Jiří Patrák, vedoucí lékař sanatoria

We thank you for your confidence

MUDr. Jiří Patrák
Clinic Head Doctor